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The "X" in the Success in Dentistry

X-rays – An FMX and Panoramic X-ray or CBCT, for new patients are still the standard of care. I see more and more colleagues failing to order the appropriate images (because insurance won’t pay for it) necessary to evaluate the head and neck area for which we possess tremendous knowledge. The panoramic x-ray has fantastic value and when displayed and presented to the patient on large screen monitors, serves as a wonderful education tool which builds rapport, value and trust (RVT). The ability to evaluate the patient for intra-osseous pathology, elongated Styloid processes, internal carotid plaque, TMJ, sinus pathology and much more warrants acquiring a beautiful panoramic x-ray. With respect to FMX or Bite Wings we need to hold our team accountable for acquiring diagnostic images so we can do what we do best. I see hundreds of images that would not pass the test in dental school for either the dentist or dental assistant.

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