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Greeting Your Patients with a Smile

For some individuals it takes tremendous energy and effort to welcome each and every patient with a smile. To some employees it is a challenge and in too many instances can be perceived as insincere. Let’s face it, we are all busy with various tasks including answering the telephone, processing payments, verifying insurance, sterilizing instruments, seating patients, breaking down treatment rooms, assisting the doctor and much, much more. However, it is paramount that we never lose sight of the fact that it is our job to make every patient feel wanted and appreciated. Let me ask you, have you ever sat in a dental or medical office and heard the same greeting and tone of voice to every person who walked in? “Hi, how are you?” Today, there seems to be a lack of emotion and/or genuine concern for our patients who in many instances have had to work up the courage to step in the door. Remember, you work for a dentist and over 30% of patients FEAR going to the dentist. Starting today, take the time to learn about your patients and become the catalyst who helps them feel comfortable. Get to know your patients and become familiar with one little topic that is special to each of them. By doing so you will show that you are interested and care and most importantly convey the message that they are special. Learn to identify those patients who appreciate your service and treat them like royalty.

You deserve the finest that dentistry has to offer. By learning to master your team’s patient relationships, you will maintain The Dentist’s Edge.

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