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We can help you make the most of your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, with practice management consulting that bridges the gap between clinical knowledge and the practical day-to-day operations of your business.

Do you find yourself spending too much time managing internal crises? Are you continuously putting out fires with no time to actually grow your business? Are you tired and stressed? Are you spending more time on paperwork than generating income? If you are, or if you have other business or clinical concerns, Aldridge & Associates, LLC is here to help.

We provide a comprehensive diagnosis of your business and give actionable recommendations that will lead to increased profitability and decreased stress. We provide in-office training so you can learn how to implement systems that will lead to a more successful dental practice.

Unlike many other practice management, coaching and consulting companies, we also offer continuous full support and accessibility via telephone, computer, go-to meetings and a sincere commitment to help you and your staff become self-sufficient. We are unique and passionate about what we do!

Consulting Services

Leadership Training

We help you create a team of personnel that performs above and beyond patient expectations. Our goal is to empower leadership skills at every level of your practice while emphasizing accountability. Learn how you can be a stronger leader for your team by highlighting your employees' strengths and resolving internal differences quickly and decisively.

Patient Communication and Telephone Training

Whether on the phone or in person, communicating with patients requires compassion, clarity and active listening. We train your staff and doctors to communicate with patients to create the optimal environment, not only for successful treatment, but for building patient rapport ultimately leading to increased referrals. The least expensive and most powerful marketing begins in-house. You should never have to worry about how your patients are being treated while you are focused chairside.

In today's active online environment, patient satisfaction is more important and meaningful than ever. We help increase your telephone conversion rate (A & A call tracking system), boost your website ranking and implement customer service that is second to none.

Administrator Training

We help your office administrator or manager optimize your key business metrics by teaching cost reduction techniques, productivity analysis (particularly for your hygienists) and leadership skills that help them manage your team more effectively.

Front Office Training

Your front office personnel are the first contact for your new and existing patients. They represent YOU. Their number one goal should be to create patient satisfaction, new appointments and repeat business.

Our proven methods help your front office make the most of every patient call or communication, ensuring maximum conversion rates and increased profitability for your dental practice. We have designed our scheduling with one priority in mind…scheduling for YOUR success.

Audience Assessment

Your office location plays a huge part in your opportunity for success. Our complete audience assessment looks at your competitors, your services and the demographics in your local area. We want to help you promote what differentiates you from your competitors while providing services your patients can truly benefit from. Let us help you define and/or expand upon your niche.

The Business of Dental Hygiene

The dental hygienist is a key player in maintaining and increasing revenues for each respective office. Unfortunately, few dental practices acknowledge the importance of this key personnel. Many dentists envision a continuing care exam/hygiene check as a nuisance or inconvenience. I know, because I did until I realized the potential increase in production and profitability. Remember, every business has a right to make a profit. The dental hygienist is the second largest production center in the dental office and should make up 25 to 30% of total production.

In most practices, general dentists should modify their vision of the hygiene department. The average dental hygienist produces $950 - $1,500 per day and is compensated $288 - $342 per day. A team-oriented, well-trained dental hygienist will not hesitate to help identify and recommend comprehensive dentistry, periodontal therapy, implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, continuing care exam(s) and so much more. Your hygienist has the potential to increase your profits considerably. Too often, dental hygiene programs are thought of as “prophy mills” that are only there to clean teeth. This could not be further from the truth.

The typical dental hygienist can easily refer more than $100,000 in general dentistry services to you annually. When allowed adequate time, the dental hygienist can help educate your patients; identify potential treatment, including soft-tissue programs (which can increase hygiene revenues by 40-45%); perform head and neck exams; take intra-oral pictures; and create value on the dentist’s behalf. 

The key is training, educating, and motivating the patient instead of letting insurance dictate treatment. We recommend each dental office utilize its dental hygienist to his/her full potential. The bottom line is that they will increase your production and profitability immediately.

The following are a few of the “enhanced dental hygiene” program proprieties that Aldridge & Associates, LLC recommends:

  • Teach your dental hygienist the medical significance of diagnosing and treating periodontal disease (approximately 35-45% of your patients have periodontal disease and deserve the proper diagnosis and follow-on treatment. And yes, we can discuss C-reactive proteins)  
  • Implement a protocol for taking BWs every 6 months; use DMFS scores as applicable
  • Implement panoramic X-rays with every comprehensive exam – pathological rationale at a minimum (intra-osseous lesions usually do not present as painful lesions)
  • Implement an FMX with every comprehensive exam (you need to see the apices to diagnose, 4mm – existing RCT, crowns, fixed prosthesis, etc.)
  • Intra-oral cameras (will sell more treatment then the best scripting)
  • Whitening for life (everyone deserves a brighter smile)
  • Periodontal antibiotic treatment and intra-oral rinse/irrigation
  • Invisalign treatment (relapse cases and class I canine and molar relationships are ideal)
  • Connective tissue grafts (great treatment – we can teach you this procedure)
  • Comprehensive dentistry and full reconstruction (we can teach you this as well)
  • Health history (become an investigator)
  • Oral cancer incisional or brush biopsies (we can also teach you this skill)
  • Battery operated toothbrushes (one-stop-shopping; price it right and they will purchase it)
  • Adult and child fluoride sealants
  • Morning huddles to review outstanding insurance monies available (capitalize on this legitimately)
  • Remove ortho wires every 3 months for adult/child prophy (only 8% of the population flosses without braces)
  • Identifying and promoting all restorative procedures
  • Understanding cosmetic dentistry so they can recommend it 


Dental hygiene is more than just a prophy. Dental hygiene is a business and every business deserves to make a profit. At Aldridge & Associates, LLC we take our job seriously and we believe in accountability. With an excellent hygiene program, your office will realize increased production, decreased stress, team harmony and most importantly, INCREASED PROFITS

The dental hygiene department is the second largest production center in your practice. A well-trained and motivated hygienist presents a wonderful opportunity that can identify potential treatment, increase ancillary services and help your practice soar.

Let us help you implement our metrics and communication skills so you can maximize your business potential. We know your clinical and business potential because we have walked in your shoes.

Are you ready to take your dental practice to the next level? Call Aldridge & Associates, LLC today at (800) 665-3663 or schedule your on-site practice analysis online now.

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