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If you eat, sleep, and breathe your practice, we can help you make it better and achieve more.
If you're looking to optimize operations so you can have more balance in your life, we can help with that, too.

Aldridge & Associates Can Help Your Dental Practice

Aldridge & Associates, LLC understands you as a dental expert. We also want to understand and help you as a professional colleague and fellow business owner. We are a very unique company. In fact, we are one of a few dental practice management and consulting companies who has attained Mastership in both the clinical and business aspects of dentistry. 

How does this differentiate us from other practice management, consulting and coaching firms? Simple. We have walked in your shoes and we draw upon evidence-based data and experts from both the clinical and business worlds. In other words, we address your chief complaint, obtain analytical data, work with you to diagnose your symptoms, and implement a business plan (analogous to a treatment plan). 

Finding the Balance You Deserve

All of us face competing objectives, both professionally and personally. As dental clinicians, we are accustomed to working in finite spaces and continuously striving to maintain excellence. The demands on the dentist can be overwhelming both clinically and from a business perspective. 

We have families, friends, and personal lives that compete with our profession and demand our attention. Maintaining balance can be a challenging and very difficult thing to do. You are not alone and we want you to know there doesn't have to be a compromise. 

With our proven business techniques, you can achieve profitability while staying true to your clinical ideals. You can run a successful business, enjoy your family and friends, and have time to yourself. You deserve more!

Optimizing Profits for All Types of Dental Practices

Aldridge & Associates, LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada & Bend, Oregon offers a variety of services for practices of various sizes. We can help optimize your business, whether it is a multi-million dollar implant or cosmetic practice, a 20-location corporation, or a small boutique dental office. While the scope of our work may be different, the results will be the same – increased productivity, optimized profits, and clinical excellence. 

We are a proactive company whose ultimate mission is to optimize your clinical quality and maximize your profits. Your success is our success and we accomplish it with 21st century knowledge, statistics, data, and expertise. We pride ourselves on Excellence: Excellent Professionals, Excellent Systems and Excellent Clients!

We offer practice management, consulting, and coaching services for all types of dentistry, including:

  • Dental practice start-ups
  • New dental practitioners
  • Established general dentistry practices
  • Dental practices that need a complete turnaround
  • Dental practices who have realized success and want to take it to another level
  • Dental practices that are transitioning from one owner to another
  • Dental practices looking to sell or retire

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