Why Choose Us?

Aldridge & Associates, LLC offers the three key things your practice needs to succeed. Clinical expertise, business acumen and real world results.

We know your dental practice is your livelihood and choosing who to help grow and improve your practice is a big decision. Like you, we are unique. Every solution we create for our clients is completely individualized and customized; there are no cookie-cutter trainings or classroom environments here. 

With that said, we seek the simplest solution for even the most complex business need, having found that typically this is the optimal route to success. Before you choose a practice management consultant, we suggest you inquire and ask if they are true experts as both dental clinicians and businessmen. Ask about their accolades and training. Have they walked in your shoes? We have.

Leadership with Proven Dental and Business Experience

Our founder, Duke Aldridge, DDS, MBA, fully understands the ups and downs of a dental practice, having been a successful practitioner for over 13 years. He has also taught at the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral levels and lectured nationally and internationally. His passion is to help you maximize your clinical and business potential while taking full advantage of the wonderful modalities that are currently available in both the clinical and business world.

Dr. Aldridge’s business experience reaches well beyond the field of dentistry. He has tremendous experience as an executive for Hilton Hotels Corporation, responsible for projects upwards of $210 million dollars (San Francisco Hilton and Towers, Las Vegas Hilton, Flamingo Hilton, etc.). He understands development, operations, management and excellent customer service. 

Dr. Aldridge recognizes first-hand what goes on behind the scenes and is accustomed to making difficult decisions. In fact, he has worked in every position known within the dental office(s). He knows what it takes to implement systems that complement and lead to best practices. His approach is based upon research, techniques, and a methodology to ultimately obtain exceptional results. He is committed to helping you achieve clinical excellence and profitability. 

Dr. Aldridge has over 30 years of experience as a clinician, owner, business executive, corporate director, educator, and project director. This combination is unique in the field of dentistry. In conjunction with Dr. Aldridge’s experience is a rare and distinctive group of proven individuals who are here to help you take full advantage of your education and wonderful attributes. You deserve the very best! 

Here are four reasons why Aldridge & Associates is the best choice for your dental practice:

Clinical Expertise

At Aldridge & Associates, LLC we understand you as an expert. As highly trained professionals who have practiced in the field of dentistry, we have clinical expertise and can relate to the problems and challenges you may be facing in your own dental practice. We speak your language, and we know what you're going through because we've likely experienced it ourselves.

Business Qualifications

Aldridge & Associates, LLC has skilled and proficient associates with extensive experience running highly successful businesses, both within and outside the field of dentistry. They are an exceptionally qualified group of individuals who work together to help your practice increase its profitability.

Each team member works closely with you and your staff to help determine your practice's strengths and weaknesses, understand your patient base, and make recommendations to help your business grow. Further, numerous associate and affiliates at Aldridge & Associates, LLC have attained mastership as clinicians and businessman. They are all uniquely qualified and welcome the opportunity to help you.

Patient Experience

As experts in clinical dentistry, Aldridge & Associates, LLC knows how to create the ideal patient experience, utilizing “best practices” philosophies and research. In fact, Dr. Aldridge led one of the top practices in the United States and utilizes his experience to help educate you on how to create a most comfortable and efficient environment. Aldridge & Associates, LLC systems are designed with you in mind. Your success is our success!

Our Process

Aldridge & Associates, LLC is with you every step of the way. We spend valuable time with you and your office to evaluate your situation by gathering data, reviewing personnel, assessing processes and systems, examining current conversion ratios, evaluating your marketing, and much more. It is essential to obtain an accurate diagnosis so we can help you reach your potential in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. As you can appreciate, we refer to this as the “Business Diagnosis.”

We are also there to provide live training for you and your staff, ensuring that all parties understand the processes and procedures required to make your dental practice run as smoothly as possible. Remember, every business has a right to make a profit. The business of dentistry is no different. You have invested a considerable amount of resources and time on your education and you deserve a substantial return on your investment (ROI).

If that's not enough, we can help you: 

  • Increase your revenue and profitability while educating you and your team to meet the challenges ahead
  • Motivate your team so they can help you do what you do best – treat your patients with compassion and excellent dental care
  • Take the time off you deserve and need to maintain balance in your life
  • Fulfill both your personal and professional goals
  • Maintain the level of clinical excellence you demand – continuing education is the key!
  • Realize your strengths and opportunities 

Because we understand the clinical aspects of your practice and the impact of your business processes, we are the perfect partner to help you achieve exceptional outcomes and increased profitability without sacrificing the clinical quality our profession demands. 

The wonderful field of dentistry is undergoing tremendous change. It’s incumbent upon all of us to embrace this change and become proactive to maximize your results. Do not let yourself fall behind. We are here to help guide you in any way possible.

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